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Why Your Vet Isn't Talking About CBD for Your Pet

Dog yawning

There is a dispensary on nearly every corner as frequently as coffee kiosks. You’ll see pet supplements/medications touted online, in your grocery store, or at the pet store.  

First, we have sworn an oath to do no harm and since the FDA has limited experimenters’ access to THC and CBC, very little is known.  We do know the products can interact with prescription medications positively or negatively.  Doses are unknown, purity & strength of products are usually not verified- a few manufacturers have independent third-party testing, and thus a certificate of analysis Co A- or a seal from the National Animal Supplement Council, showing it was made with certified ingredients in a hygienic environment. Human products are allowed to contain the artificial sweetener xylitol, or grape seed oil, both of which are very toxic to dogs.

A local veterinarian, Jason Nicholas, who writes as Preventive Vet, wrote a recent article he is eager to share.