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Veterinary Surgery in Portland

Surgical Care with Compassion & Integrity

When your pet needs a surgical procedure, you can trust the highly trained, compassionate team at Pacific Veterinary hospital for thorough medical care. Our Portland veterinary team knows that surgery can be overwhelming and scary for both you and your pet. We’ll do everything in our power to make sure you and your pet feel safe and comfortable throughout the pre-surgery process, the surgery itself, and during your pet’s recovery. We will walk you through what will happen during the procedure and answer any questions you might have about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. After surgery, we’ll equip you with the tools you need to ensure that your pet recovers correctly, quickly, and safely.

If you’re nervous about your pet’s upcoming surgery, let us put your mind at ease! Call (503) 905-9303 or contact us online to speak to one of our Portland veterinary team members.

Surgical Services at Pacific Veterinary Hospital

Our Portland veterinary staff is highly trained to provide quality surgical care for your pets. We offer a wide range of services to meet your pet’s specific health needs. With every procedure, we’ll talk you through what we’re doing and how it can help improve or enhance your pet’s overall health and quality of life.

Pacific Veterinary Hospital is able to perform:

Our team is able to handle a variety of other surgical services as well. We’ll let you know if we recommend a surgical procedure that is not listed above. Regardless of what we recommend, we’ll make sure that you and your pet feel safe and comfortable throughout the entire surgical process.

Recovering Post-Surgery

Your pet’s recovery from a procedure is just as important as the surgery itself. We want to get your pet back on all fours quickly. You can help! We will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions so that you can take care of your pet and ensure a speedy, safe recovery.

Your pet’s aftercare plan will have recommendations for:

  • Activity – You should moderate your pet’s activity while they’re recovering; jumping and running is usually discouraged, but we’ll let you know what activities are safe for your pet while they’re healing.
  • Food and water – When your pet has been under anesthesia, you will have to modify your pet’s eating schedule. We’ll let you know when your pet can eat and drink normally.
  • Incision – Keep an eye on the area that was operated on; if you notice any redness, discharge, or swelling, your pet’s incision may be infected. Call us if you notice these symptoms
  • Medication – We will likely prescribe antibiotics or pain medication after surgery to keep your pet comfortable and healthy while they recover. We’ll give you instructions on how to administer your pet’s medication.

If you have any questions during your pet’s recovery, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’re here to help you help your pet!

Do you have questions about your pet’s recent surgery? Call (503) 905-9303 or contact us online so we can help!

Tail Wagging Testimonials

  • I am Eternally Grateful

    “We take all of our kitties to Pacific Vet Hospital and they get exceptional care. Dr. Frost and Dr. Grossen are wonderful, very competent and very caring. They are wonderful with an elderly pet, no heroic treatments and humane end of living care.”

    - Happy Client
  • Best Staff in Town

    “Best staff in town. We board our dogs there too and they are always well cared for. Thank you so much.”

    - Dennis Triglia
  • Thank you

    “Thanks to Dr. Wikander and all of your staff for making a very difficult day a little easier.”

    - Michael Yoder
  • Very Fine Vets & Staff

    “Very fine vets and staff. My cat is well cared for in the kennel area when I travel”

    - Bette Boyer
  • Great staff!

    “Great staff! They take such good care of my dog Stevie unfortunately he visits there alot because he is high maintenance. Everyone there makes the frequent visits better”

    - Rhonda Wiley-Fraley

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