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Protecting Your Pet’s Health

The core tenet of preventative medicine is preventing disease before it strikes. At Pacific Veterinary Hospital, we strive to protect your pet’s well being with our preventative care approach to your pet’s health.

Our Portland based veterinary team will recommend a variety of tools and techniques to protect your pet’s long-term health. We work with you and your pet to understand your pet’s health needs before customizing a preventative care plan specific to your pet. We’ll make sure that you, as a pet parent, know everything you need to provide a safe, happy home for your pet. With the right approach to preventative care, your pet can enjoy longevity and an excellent quality of life.

Regular exams are an important part of preventative medicine. Call (503) 905-9303 to schedule an appointment with our Portland veterinary team today!

How Preventative Care Helps

Different pets need different approaches to their medical care. Pacific Veterinary Hospital understands that each pet is unique. We take great pains to get to know you and your pet before we make any recommendations for your pet’s ongoing medical care. Each of your pet’s regular wellness check ups helps us get to know your pet better and track their needs over time, which means we’re able to provide more focused care throughout their lives.

When putting together a preventative care plan for your pet, we’ll start with a regular wellness exam, which involves a physical and visual inspection of your pet. We’ll ask you questions about your pet’s health, habits, and behavior. We will also order laboratory tests to get a read on what we can’t see with the naked eye. With all this information in hand, we’ll be able to understand what your pet’s normal baseline of health is, which will allow us to spot future deviations faster.

Preventative care includes:

  • Behavioral assistance
  • Dental care
  • Flea and tick control
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Parasite prevention
  • Regular laboratory testing
  • Vaccinations

Our Portland based veterinary team takes care to create a preventative medicine plan that makes the most sense for your pet’s specific needs. In addition to the information we get from your pet’s exams and laboratory tests, we’ll take your pet’s age and breed into account.

We’ll make sure you understand all of our recommendations. The more you understand about your pet’s health, the better! You’ll be able to better spot deviations in your pet’s habits or behaviors as well as understand what’s normal for your pet. An educated pet parent can make a huge difference in your pet’s quality of life.

Your pet’s long-term health is our priority. Happy, healthy pets start with preventative care at Pacific Veterinary Hospital.

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Tail Wagging Testimonials

  • I am Eternally Grateful

    “We take all of our kitties to Pacific Vet Hospital and they get exceptional care. Dr. Frost and Dr. Grossen are wonderful, very competent and very caring. They are wonderful with an elderly pet, no heroic treatments and humane end of living care.”

    - Happy Client
  • Best Staff in Town

    “Best staff in town. We board our dogs there too and they are always well cared for. Thank you so much.”

    - Dennis Triglia
  • Thank you

    “Thanks to Dr. Wikander and all of your staff for making a very difficult day a little easier.”

    - Michael Yoder
  • Very Fine Vets & Staff

    “Very fine vets and staff. My cat is well cared for in the kennel area when I travel”

    - Bette Boyer
  • Great staff!

    “Great staff! They take such good care of my dog Stevie unfortunately he visits there alot because he is high maintenance. Everyone there makes the frequent visits better”

    - Rhonda Wiley-Fraley

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