Maintain Good Overall Health of Your Pet with Good Dental Health

February is National Pet Dental Health Month.  We all know how important professional dental cleanings are for maintaining good oral health and just like with humans, good oral health can lead to a longer life for your pet too.  Yes, preventative dentistry is great to save permanent teeth, prevent gum disease and improve breath but it also is vital for your pet's overall good health and well-being. 

Dogs and cats that have routine dental care tend to live a longer, healthier pain free life.  Good oral health care prevents the bacteria that live in your pet’s mouth from spreading to other organs like the heart, kidneys and liver. Bacteria tends to attack the valve leaflets in the heart which makes the edges rough and prevents them from closing properly; eventually leading to a murmur and causing the heart to pump harder to achieve the same effect.  The bacteria can also attack the kidneys and liver causing each organ to become damaged and that can eventually lead to organ dysfunction-- ultimately shortening your pet’s life.  It is important to start early with good oral health care because over time, the effects start to compound leading to greater issues.  Having more frequent, shorter professional dental cleanings are more beneficial than a long, extended multiple extraction procedure-- just food for thought.  

We at Pacific Veterinary Hospital understand the importance of good oral health care and offer special savings on our dental cleaning package throughout the year, not just for the month of February.  

A professional dental cleaning package at PVH includes: a complete oral exam, full mouth digital X-rays to check for damaged teeth, pre-anesthesia blood work and blood clotting profile to make sure your pet’s organs, especially liver and kidneys, are functioning properly, a urinalysis, to make sure any infection is not present in the kidneys, and IV fluids throughout the procedure, to maintain your pet’s hydration and their electrolyte balance. And, if we find that any extractions or additional work is needed, with your approval, we will take care of it all at one time – no need to come back and have your pet anesthetized again if we can help it, which makes it safer and more cost effective for both you and your pet! 

Take advantage of this year-round savings for your very special four-legged family member because your pet is worth it!