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Helpful Tips when Boarding Your Pet

So, you are going to board your pet.  What things do you need to think about before that visit?  Here’s a short list of items to consider.

Is your pet up to date on any required vaccinations?  Most boarding facilities have some “core” vaccinations required, not simply to protect your furry family member but also to protect the other boarders, and the staff.  If not, it is important to get those done 2 – 3 weeks prior to the boarding visit, to allow your pet’s immune system to respond and provide good immunity during boarding.

Has your pet boarded before?  Some of our regular boarders see staying with us as a trip to “overnight camp” they are delighted to come in the door, and have made friends with the kennel staff.  Some, especially first timers, are more timid and it can take a day or two to settle in and eat & play normally.  If your pet has never boarded before, it is ideal to schedule a short one to two- night stay before committing to a lengthy stay of a week or more - we can assess how your pet adjusts to the boarding situation, and your pet will know that you will come pick him or her up.  Some of the more timid or nervous pets benefit from some calming supplements or even some prescription anti-anxiety medications; these work best when started a day or two prior to beginning boarding.  We can advise you on your pet’s behavior, if observed during that first brief boarding encounter.

Is your pet on medications, or on a restricted or special diet?  If your pet requires medication or a special diet while here, be certain to bring enough to last at least long enough for its expected stay, and bring all medications in their original, labeled containers.  Be certain we know the brand and type of food if special food is required.

Is your pet generally in good health?  If there are new health concerns that you need addressed, be certain to let us know when you are scheduling the boarding stay.

Will you, or a proxy, be available if we need to contact you with any questions or concerns while your pet is staying with us?  Please leave us with the name and number of someone to contact, if concerns arise, and you aren’t available.

What are your pet’s favorite games?  Are there certain words you use to signal your dog that is time to defecate or urinate?  Is your pet generally well socialized or do they get upset by other animals?  All of these little items can help us make your pet’s stay as low-stress as possible. We want everyone to have a good time here.